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FACT: Springs come in all different sizes and strengths, The size is determined by the weight of the door. The length of the spring has a direct relation to the lifetime of
the spring. So getting a spring that is as long as possible means your springs will last longer than most. The Springs we use are longer and stronger in essence a designer
spring made by our specifications to last nearly twice as long as the springs that come from the manufacturer of your door. When the Job is complete you will be able to
instantly recognize the difference as being an advantage. Also another point to mention is that we use
GALVANIZED springs. GALVANIZATION is a process and an
element applied to steel, to reduce or eliminate rust. Therefore your spring could combat the elements which affect common springs.

GALVANIZING: To Coat (Iron/Steel) with Zinc; especially to immerse in molten zinc to produce a coating of zinc-iron alloy.

A TORSION SPRING: Is a spring that works by torsion or twisting; that is a flexible elastic object that stores mechanical energy when it is twisted.
Broken Torsion Spring Replacement A Quality Garage Door
How do you know when a torsion Spring has been installed correctly?
A Broken Spring can be inconvenient for many reasons, Cost, Time, etc. The last thing you need is someone to come out,
you pay full price for the service and that installer didn't install your springs correctly.

TIP: This is how you can tell if a spring was installed correctly, If you perform this test and it fails, please ask your
technician to replace the springs with the right size if they don't DO NOT Pay them for they have not done a good job.

1.dis-engage the garage door from the opener, this can be done by simply pulling the string that hangs between the door
and the opener, see your owners manual for more info.  
2.Work the door by hand from the closed position and begin by lifting it up to about knee height then let go, the door
should stay in position, next pull the door up to about waist height and let go it should stay in position again and the last step
go up to shoulder height and it should do the same.

If it does not stay in position from step 1-3 then they have installed the wrong springs, you need to tell the technician to
install the right size springs, if not DO NOT pay them.

A Quality Garage Door Technician will perform this very test in front of your eyes, and will perform a full safety inspection
to the rest of the door and opener.

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Lubrication With A Torsion Spring
Got a Broken Spring? Get rid of this expense for ever, That's right! FOREVER, We Guarantee our Springs for life, If anything were to happen to
your springs we will replace them again for you for only the service call. FREE LUBRICATION and FULL INSPECTION.