C.H.I Brand Doors
Garage Door Installations
A Quality Garage Door Company Offers C.H.I Brand Garage Doors.

These doors are built to last and are simply gorgeous capable of turning any home into a beautiful home giving it "The Curb Appeal".
It is amazing what a garage door can do for your home. We have images of Styles to choose from and styles to look at with and
without windows. We also have a variety of window styles to choose from to make it just the way you like it.
The 16 X 7 C.H.I Garage Door 24 Gage is a beauty and
can transform any home into a beautiful home. It is a 2
Car Garage Door and this one is the long panel as you
can see it contains the longer rectangles across. This
Model Contains the "Mission Style" windows.
This Door Displayed here is a 16 x 7 Steel Sectional Roll up style
door and it is the short panel door if you see in this illustration it
contains squares 5 squares down 8 across. The window Style on
this one is the "Stockton".
This is the C.H.I 8 x 7 the one car garage
door. This is also a short panel door with
no windows. Comes in white and Almond.
Short Panel
Garage Door,
No windows,
comes in White
and Almond
Long Panel Garage Door
Comes in White & Almond
Garage Door Window Styles for Short
panel                     And Long panel Garage Doors.
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1 Car Garage Door 8x7